Make a reservation:
Please send us the following message through LINE.
Our LINE ID : 0928072135 (our phone number)

1. Name
2. Country
3. Number of guests
4. When do you arrive Taiwan
5. Check-in date
6. Check-out date
7. Room type
8. Email
9. Other message for the host

Deposit: There will be a further information for foreign travelers.


We have three buildings, it take 3~5 minutes for you to walk from one to another.

Animal church— WIFI 〇  TV X
4 kids house—   WIFI  X   TV X
18 kids house— WIFI  X   TV X

We also provide woodworking classes.
1. Minimum charge: 300 NTD/per person
2. Products: Rice scoop (200 NTD), Flat comb (500 NTD)


Restaurants in Zhibai Village:

Pizza Olmo— It’s near our B&B. Our guests will have a discount of 10%. Reservation required, please call 02-26366758.

Move Bee— 2500-3000 NTD/10 people. Reservation required, please call 02-26363742.

Diamond Creative Cuisine—Western cuisine. 199-999/per person. Please call 02-86353597.

Blissful Kindom—Chinese Cuisine. 350-450/per person.
Please call 02-26360458.

Lattice Window Coffee House—Handmade cakes/drinks.
150 NTD/per person. Please call 02-26366906.